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At Bit Hours, a hedge fund is a joint venture partnership. We're attracting investors to get a steady income. The core of our business is to conduct financial transactions internationally while also managing risks and securing profit. Our team consists of experienced business people who have been in business for over 2 years. We created a set of financial stocks using the of the return on assets.
We have designed a robot that you can buy and sell digital currencies at www.binance.com with the help of our team strategies.

What is a Trader Robot?
The trader robot does the same as your traditional dealer, but with the automated strategy you receive, as well as instant analytics, it moves you away from high-risk trading and give you low-risk, better-than-profit trading.

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uk registered company

Our company is legally registered in the UK as “BIT HOURS LTD" London, #12244642

Dedicated Server

We use a dedicated server with the highest level of DDOS protection to ensure that your funds are always safe with us.

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Open a free account with Bit Hours by simply click on "Register". Complete the form and click submit. Your account with Bit Hours will be active.

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You can be completely sure that your funds are kept 100% secure in our cold storages.

Manual withdrawals

The minimum Withdrawal amount is $1 and Cryptocurrencies minimum Withdrawal amount is $5

24/7 Customer Support

We provide 24/7 customer support through e-mail. Our support representatives are always available to answer any questions.

We show you a video of procedure and how the robot works here.
We invest in business currency exchange and with the help of powerful robots we are trading digital currencies.
We invest your money in www.binance.com and, with the help of a very powerful robot, start Buy and selling digital currencies that are highly profitable.
We work with five experts in the field of digital currency analysis and the Forex market.
These people are giving their strategies and analytics to the robot every day, and with the help of these strategies, the robot is trading digital currency every eight hours. We guarantee your money with the help of robots and five digital currency experts.

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4 Level Affiliate Program

At Bit Hours, we believe that advertising about our services by our satisfied clients is the best way to grow business. Keeping this in mind, Bit Hours founded an amazing lucrative reward in terms of four level affiliate program

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  • Latest deposit

  • $130.00 Spencer Dec-6-2019 03:13:52 PM
  • $156.00 Eduardo Dec-6-2019 02:25:43 PM
  • $1500.00 Rafael Dec-6-2019 02:15:52 PM
  • $90.00 Theo Dec-6-2019 02:10:45 PM
  • $25.00 Reid Dec-6-2019 01:33:29 PM
  • $40.00 Rylan Dec-6-2019 01:12:17 PM
  • $468.00 Karson Dec-6-2019 01:10:36 PM
  • $2500.00 Cash Dec-6-2019 12:24:17 PM
  • $70.00 Beckham Dec-6-2019 11:35:39 AM
  • $100.00 Nash Dec-6-2019 11:20:59 AM
  • Latest withdrawals

  • $1900.00 Zachary Dec-6-2019 03:23:35 PM
  • $150.00 Jason Dec-6-2019 02:18:49 PM
  • $1.83 Santiago Dec-6-2019 02:18:48 PM
  • $9.76 Gavin Dec-6-2019 02:18:48 PM
  • $1.22 Ayden Dec-6-2019 02:18:48 PM
  • $6.10 Kevin Dec-6-2019 02:18:48 PM
  • $9.76 Jordan Dec-6-2019 02:18:25 PM
  • $6.03 Elias Dec-6-2019 02:18:25 PM
  • $4.27 Greyson Dec-6-2019 02:18:25 PM
  • $1.80 Jace Dec-6-2019 02:18:25 PM