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About our company

The reason for choosing this site name is that , our robot every second, every minute and every hour trading digital currencies at www.binance.com , That's why we chose the site name bit Hours

At Bit Hours, The hedge fund is a joint venture company. We are attracting investors to get a steady income.The core of our trade is international financial transactions and also Risk management and profit guarantees. Our team consists of experienced people who have been working for over 2 years. We created a set of financial stocks by using return on assets. We have designed a robot that can buy and sell digital currencies at www.binance.com with the help of our team strategies.
We invest in business currency exchange and with the help of powerful robots we are trading digital currencies

Bit Hours

What we do

What is a Trader Robot?
The trader robot does the same as your traditional dealer, but with the automated strategy you receive, as well as instant analytics, it moves you away from high-risk trading and give you low-risk, better-than-profit trading. An important feature of the robot is that it is analyzing the market for four hours and starting to buy and sell digital currencies at any given moment. The robot starts selling digital currencies using artificial intelligence and with the strategies our team gives them. We monitor the market and the news every day and give the robot a strategy to buy or sell currency every day. By recognizing a growing currency, the robot buys it and holds it at the profit rate defined by us, and when it reaches our goals, the robot sell it .
The important feature of this robot is that it checks all currencies and base on the strategies of our team, robot is starting to buy and sell digital currencies.
We check the market and the news every day ans so Every day we give the robot a new strategy to buy or sell perfect currency